Switch It Up


The Importance of Changing that Wool-Compounding Pad

How you use your equipment is just as, if not more, important than having the right equipment. Nowhere is this truer than the wool-compounding pad. From its initial quality to the pre-polish prep, to how you run it, it’s all-important to that SHOWROOM SHINE.

First don’t underestimate the benefits of the pre-polish fluff to remove loose wool fibers. Next, remember it’s critical to dedicate your pad to a single grade of polish. No cross contamination! Switch to a new, wool-compounding pad with each grade of polish your using. This avoids unintended damage from extra cutting when switching from more aggressive to the finer grades. Also, don’t overlook a polish-saturated pad. If it can’t be revived by fluffing with a Compounding Pad Spur, then it’s time to switch it up with a new one.

Laurie Voorhees