Let’s Spur the Details


The Importance of Spurring that Wool-Compounding Pad

Before you start polishing, here’s a quick tip for that SHOWROOM SHINE. If not properly “fluffed” before and during the polishing process, wool-compounding pads will leave behind fibers on the polish area, which can hold polish and clump together. NUVITE’s Compounding Pad Spur will remove those loose fibers from your pad. To use, attach the wool pad to your rotary buffer. Hold the spur on the edge of the pad. Start the buffer around 1000 RPMs and slowly move the spur vertically across the pad, towards the center. Repeat, moving spur vertically across until the entire pad is fluffed and little to no fibers are shedding. Now, you’re ready to go!

Your pad can become matted during the polishing process. Here’s where that spur again comes in handy. Use it to separate and fluff the pad’s matted fibers before continuing. Keep in mind, spurring will not re-fluff a pad that’s saturated with polish AND a saturated pad will not work toward a SHOWROOM SHINE. Time to switch it up with a new wool-compounding pad and another fluff-up job.

Laurie Voorhees