For over 70 years NUVITE Chemical Compounds has been manufacturing and
delivering high quality cleaning and appearance maintenance products to the transportation industry: aviation/ aerospace, automotive, RV, marine, and rail.
Our product line, including compounds, polishes, sealants for bright work &
paint care, cleaners for exterior and interior care, along with complementing, professional-level equipment and accessories, delivers everything you need to
achieve the most coveted, sought after, “SHOWROOM SHINE”.

We at NUVITE CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS, know that a favorable outcome relies on a workable process. Whether you are a conglomerate or DIY, count on our unwavering commitment to provide you the right product with unprecedented customer service and technical assistance to achieve the results you’re after.

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Especially popular in the aviation aftermarket, NUVITE meets the uncompromising demands of commercial carriers / FBOs / MROs worldwide. Faced with performance maintenance of a diverse fleet of aircraft, these operators work with aging & wear, environmental compliance, safety & health, corrosion, fuel consumption, and the rising costs these issues present. NUVITE delivers high quality, high performance, task specific products that address everything from routine maintenance to secure aerodynamic performance, to full-out corrosion control. There’s also a complete line of interior products for galley, lavatory, and cabin… in fact, NUVITE products clean, polish, protect, & maintain the condition and airworthiness of the entire aircraft!

NUVITE products have many advantages beginning with decades of servicing and meeting strict aerospace requirements. This industry’s demand for high tech, high performance, task specific cleaners and maintenance products is unparalleled in both regulation and expectation. NUVITE brings these same qualifiers and delivered results to all industries we supply: automotive, RV, marine, and rail.

Another NUVITE advantage is that our compounds, polishes, cleaners & sealants cover a variety of substrates; including metal, paint, fabric, and wood. While most of NUVITE’s products can be used in a one-step process, many have been engineered as graded systems, thereby ensuring a wide spectrum of surface conditions can be met with outstanding results.

NUVITE CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS, founded in 1949, originally manufactured chemical specialty products for the aviation, marine, industrial, and janitorial industries. In the 1980’s, recognizing the need for high performance, task specific, cost-effective concentrates, we developed our current line of cleaners and maintenance appearance products. We also understood the importance of producing “clean & green”, environmentally safe products. NUVITE continues to conform to all current and applicable domestic and international regulations.

Acquired in 2015 by Universal Photonics Incorporated, itself a manufacturer, distributor and leader in supplying critical surfacing materials to the optics industry worldwide, NUVITE is set to widen its already broad reach with continued high technology innovation, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and ever-increasing global distribution.