NUVITE® Reveals Breakthrough Product Application

SS9-3 for Matte and Satin Paint Finishes


Central Islip, NY (October 3rd, 2022) NUVITE Chemical Compounds®, global manufacturer and distributor of appearance maintenance products for over 70 years, continues to meet industry-specific needs with SS9-3, WetWash, Debugger, & Degreaser. Formulated for all types of paint (matte, satin, gloss), SS9-3 offers a solution for any aircraft.


SS9-3 meets D AMS 1526C, CSD1, and D6-17487 specifications, both certifying use for exterior and general aviation cleaning. Its spray on / wipe off application is fast, thorough and easy to use, leaving a streak-free, clear transparency without scratching. Its unique formula assures even coverage in sun or shade, removing grease, heavy soils, fluid leakage and more from any paint finish.


SS9-3’s mild alkaline base is great for maintenance care, particularly on matte and satin finishes. It has no polymer, no resin, no glosser and no clear coat, which doesn’t compromise the clean, sleek look of a matte or satin finish. Though developed for the aviation industry, SS9-3 is used across a variety of other industries such as automotive, industrial, marine, power sports, rail and trucking.


“Our commitment is to the advancement of polishing technology in all phases of fabrication,” says Radara Elkins, Field Application Engineer at NUVITE Chemical Compounds. “We are able to offer our customers a ‘one-stop shop’ for all of their exterior and interior care needs. It just reinforces our dedication to providing our customers with the most dependable and accurate service out there.”


As a division of Universal Photonics® Incorporated, global leader in critical surfacing and polishing technology, NUVITE is supported with state-of-the-art laboratory, manufacturing and distribution facilities. NUVITE’s top quality product line includes compounds, polishes, sealants for brightwork and paint care, cleaners for exterior and interior care, along with complementing, professional-level equipment and accessories“- everything needed to achieve that most coveted, sought after, “Showroom Shine”. For more information on SS9-3 and other unique applications, please contact NUVITE’s Accounts Services Team at 800.394.8351.

Laurie Voorhees