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Feb 20, 2019
Pitting. Rust. Scratches. Oh no!

Which is the right grade of NuShine II metal polish for me? Fortunately, NuShine II’s graded system of metal polishing compounds tackles a variety of surface conditions, from heavily corroded to lightly oxidized, and on to that final, mirror-finish shine. Where you begin depends on the severity of your metal problem. For example… let’s follow […]

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Dec 06, 2018
The Shoulder Zone

The best technique for BrightWork. Polishing metal surfaces involves maintaining the correct body stance. Plant feet, lined directly under your shoulders, firmly on a level surface. Keep work area the same width as your shoulders; approximately 18” to 24”. Apply product, as directed, ONLY within this polish area. Beginning top right or left, work back […]

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