What’s Your Angle? (Metal)

The Importance of Angling the Buffer on Metal Finishes.

Look, product and equipment are crucial, but technique is the surest way to get that SHOWROOM SHINE. Professional detailers offer many tried and true techniques for different substrates to ensure consistent, even results.

One of the most effective is the angle with which you hold the rotary buffer when polishing. For painted metal, it’s generally better to hold the buffer flat against the polishing surface.

Not so on a bare metal surface. Holding it flat to the surface can lead to unwanted swirl marks or worse, unintended cut marks. It’s best to hold your rotary buffer at a 10 to 15-degree angle regardless of where you are in the polishing process or which grade of NUVITE’s NUSHINE II Metal Polish you’re using.  The degree of the angle should allow only one side of the buffer pad to touch the surface while working polish into metal. Target a small surface area (focusing on no more than a 24” square.) Holding the buffer at the recommended 10 to 15-degree angle, move it up and down and left to right fully polishing the target area.

Laurie Voorhees