Adding a full line of innovative polishing, cleaning, and appearance products to its comprehensive line of surfacing materials


Hicksville, NY (February 2015) Universal Photonics, manufacturer and distributor of critical surface preparation materials worldwide, has announced the asset acquisition of New York based, Nuvite Chemical Compounds. The acquisition transfers the production, sale, and distribution of Nuvite Chemical Compounds’ full line of polishing, cleaning, and appearance products to Universal Photonics.


“UPI continues its commitment to the advancement of surfacing and polishing technology with the acquisition of Nuvite Chemical Compounds. Nuvite has a longstanding history of innovation that mirrors UPI’s philosophy, bringing enhanced technology to our suite of advanced materials,” says Neil Johnson, President and CEO of Universal Photonics.


“Our long history of combining unique technology with robust service and support networks has helped UPI meet the expectations of the critical surfacing industry.  We are confident that this same approach will further enhance Nuvite’s market position and bring even more value to our combined customers’ processes and efficiency. We look forward to combining our broad experience and manufacturing capabilities to continue to provide the same reliable, efficient and innovative benefits our customers have come to expect.”


Nuvite Chemical Compounds President, Clifford Lester, will join UPI to continue to support the development, innovation and application of the full line of advanced polishing and appearance materials to the aerospace, optics and vehicle markets.


More information about Universal Photonics’ products and materials is available at www.universalphotonics.com, as well as www.nuvitechemical.com.


Angelika Criscione