Got Grease?

Say hello to NuGear SC– A powerful degreaser cleaner for engines and engine components. Specially formulated for use with immersion tanks and spray cabinets, NuGear SC is also a top choice for heavy degreasing of wheel wells and aircraft blades. This dynamic cleaner can be used straight out of the bottle, but even in a diluted state, NuGear SC is plenty strong to handle tough degreasing jobs. In fact, NuGear SC can be diluted, depending on the extent, condition, and type of soil to be cleaned, and kept in a spray bottle for hand cleaning operations. Since hand wipe downs do not require a final water rinse, some fans prefer it followed by a clean towel, force dry. NuGear SC is certified for aviation and has approval from many OEMs. It is eco-friendly, so rinsing the product off is unnecessary, as is collecting the run-off.

Laurie Voorhees