Don’t let Grime…Dull That Shine!

It doesn’t matter what you drive, your vehicle is exposed to environmental elements in all seasons, which facilitates exterior damage. UV light, temperature, pollutants and weather patterns all contribute to a vehicle looking worn out and old before its time. Fortunately, NUVITE’s CitriCut series of cleaners & degreasers provides cleaning solutions for any exterior surface including cars, planes, trains, boats, RVs, & more!

After driving on dusty roads, don’t count on a rain shower to wash away grime. Rainwater simply provides a light rinse. There’s a layer of grime that rainwater will not dislodge. Pollen and pollutants along with the dust that raindrops collect, dry on the surface. Soil and organic materials like insect residue, leaves and bird poop, all have an acidic effect that will eat through paint and cause metal to rust! And the sun bakes it all in; not to mention exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays that will further oxidize, dry and fade exterior paint.

With NUVITE’s CitriCut series, you’ll keep that shine! Whether you use CitriCut Concentrate, a citrus-based debugger, degreaser, and general wetwash cleaner, or CitriCut Xtra, an exceptional cleaner that will enhance gloss and provide a protective sealant while also giving you a UV protection. There’s also CitriCut Gel, a heavy-duty surface cling cleaner for gears, wheel wells, flaps cowling & more. Count on CitriCut to keep your vehicle looking like you just drove it off the lot.

Laurie Voorhees