NuShine IIF7


Metal polish for heavy oxidation and scratch repair used in a multi-step procedure. Perfect for polishing away heavy oxidation and scratches on clad, cast or forged aluminum, nickel, stainless steel, etc.


1/4 lb., 1/2 lb., 1 lb., 10 lb., 50 lb. sizes


1. Apply sparingly. Polish with tufted wool compounding pad on a circular buffer (1600-2000 rpm).

2. Polish until oxidation and residue disappear, about 60 seconds. 

3. Repeat if oxidation cloudiness remains. Badly deteriorated surfaces may call for NUSHINE IIF9.

4. Final finish with NUSHINE IIS.

Not recommended for clear coated finishes.





Nushine metal polish on airplane wing

Pitting. Rust. Scratches. Oh no!

Not sure which is the right grade of NuShine II metal polish for you? Fortunately, NuShine II’s graded system of metal polishing compounds tackles an array of surface conditions. Use Nushine IIF7 metal polish for surfaces that are corroded and in need of scratch repair. The abrasive blends corrosive pitting due to the damaging effects of the environment. Similarly, it smooths out scratches leaving you with a surface ready for the next polishing step.

Keep in mind: When using any NUVITE product, please refer to appropriate procedures and recommendations for use and equipment, or contact a NUVITE technician for more information, unique applications and special requirements. *Product dilutions are determined by extent, condition & soil type.