Flipping the Switch on Corrosion

ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion for industrial use, fleet vehicles, marine, RV, ATV, UTV & snowmobiles

Corrosion Block

Corrosion, a natural process, is the gradual destruction of metals by chemical and/or electrochemical reaction with their environment. Prevention is almost impossible, but can be effectively controlled.

Corrosion engineering, the field dedicated to controlling and stopping corrosion, identifies types of corrosive attacks which can cover an entire surface or penetrate by forming pits. Corrosion attacks may follow grain boundaries on metallic surfaces or may penetrate a painted surface to travel at random. While there are standard classifications for identifying the cause of corrosion, oxidation and pitting are among the most popular. Fortunately, NUVITE has a wide selection of cleaners, polishes, sealants, and protectors to fight the effects of corrosion on bare and painted metal surfaces. In addition, NUVITE offers powerful protection by way of two anti-corrosion products: ACF-50 and CORROSION BLOCK. Available in liquid or spray forms, each kills corrosion on contact with unique formulations that continue to protect metal and electronics from further corrosive degeneration for months.

ACF-50 was engineered for aerospace and aviation with advanced corrosion control properties that protect both the airframe and avionics systems. Its ultra-thin fluid formula acts like an “OFF SWITCH” for corrosion as it actively penetrates and “creeps” into the tightest seams, lap joints, micro cracks, and around rivet heads leaving a non-greasy, atmospheric barrier to protect base metal. And this means it effectively protects against COMMON electrolytes like de-icing fluids, toilet fluids, acids, road salt, soft drinks, OJ, and coffee. Regular treatments with ACF-50 reduce maintenance and repair costs, while improving overall safety and readiness. ACF-50 is also ideal for use on motorcycles, cars, trucks, and power sports vehicles and equipment.

CORROSION BLOCK also kills corrosion on contact and continues to protect metal and electronics from further corrosive degeneration. Its unique formula contains additional additives to prevent galvanic action between dissimilar metals like aluminum and steel, while moisture-proofing properties work well on electrical components, preventing and curing common electrical problems. It will not harm plastics or rubber. CORROSION BLOCK’s unique anti-corrosion properties have been put to the test and proven time and again excellent for industrial use, fleet vehicles, marine including boats, trailer lights, inboard & outboard motors, standing rigging, and fishing gear. Also great for recreational vehicles, trailers and outdoor motor sports like ATVs, UTVs, and snowmobiles.

Laurie Voorhees