Gentle effective all purpose cleaner for plastic, fabric, leather, vinyl, wood & more.


Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon, 55 Gallon

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FAR 25.853

NUVITE Interior / Lavatory / Galley products to clean, polish, deodorize and re-odorize.

Clean ANY Surface with ALL-OUT Purpose


Cleaning an aircraft, RV, or boat? What about the interior? Whether commercial, private, or a residence, chances are you’re staring down a variety of surfaces: leather seats, vinyl dash and flooring, wooden tables, plastic windows and fabric awnings, carpet, tile, and more. You need an effective, versatile cleaner capable of addressing material type as well as different levels of soiling. You need C-49 All Surface Super Cleaner Concentrate.

C-49 All Surface Super Cleaner’s concentrated formulation can be diluted to meet the extent, condition, and soil type of nearly any surface with gentle, effective cleaning. Environmentally friendly and safe for users, C-49 All Surface Super Cleaner Concentrate is easy to use with a pleasant fresh aroma.

For broad area cleaning, dilute C-49 All Surface Super Cleaner Concentrate as directed, clean with up/down, side-to-side action, and wipe dry with terry towel. Need a solution for spot cleaning? Simply dilute C-49 with water in a spray bottle, spray area, wipe clean, and repeat as needed. When cleaning leather with C-49, it’s recommended to follow with NUVITE’s LEATHER GUARD to restore soft, supple finish. C-49 All Surface Super Cleaner Concentrate will leave plastic, fabrics, leather, vinyl, wood and more, smelling fresh & looking great.

Keep in mind: When using any NUVITE product, please refer to appropriate procedures and recommendations for use and equipment, or contact a NUVITE technician for more information, unique applications and special requirements. *Product dilutions are determined by extent, condition & soil type.