Eliminate Lavatory Cleaning Concentrate
NUVITE Lavatory / Galley products to clean, deodorize and re-odorize.



Dependable sludge removal for lavatory holding tanks & component parts


1. Use Eliminate full strength or up to 1:5* dilution, depending on sludge conditions with a steam cleaning method or overnight soak.


1. Fill lavatory tank with Eliminate to splash guard.

2. Operate flush mechanism to distribute material.

3. After soak period, flush out tank thoroughly.

4. Refill with NUVITE’s Goodbye-NF to deodorize during flight.

5. Component parts can follow same procedure.

6. Agitate where possible.

7. Finish with final thorough rinse.

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Keep in mind: When using any NUVITE product, please refer to appropriate procedures and recommendations for use and equipment, or contact a NUVITE technician for more information, unique applications and special requirements. *Product dilutions where applicable is determined by extent, condition & soil type.