Plastic Cleaner & Polisher

TriggerSpray bottle application
Apply product direct to surface, soak and agitate, wipe dry,

Formulated specifically for aircraft transparent, plastic windows, 20/20 SWIPE Speed Cleaner & Plastic Polish is a favorite of helicopter pilots, air racers, boaters and motorcyclists alike. Its easy spray on / wipe off application quickly and thoroughly wipes away lubricating oil, grease, soil, bird droppings and insect carcasses with minimal pressure. What’s left is a streak free, clear transparency. 20/20 SWIPE cleans without scratching and will not affect painted surfaces.

Polishing regularly with 20/20 SWIPE delivers additional benefits as well… Its unique formula protects against UV induced crazing and discoloration as it also deposits an anti-static barrier prohibiting dust, ash, lint, and other atmospheric particulates from statically adhering to transparency surfaces. Use 20/20 SWIPE Speed Cleaner & Plastic Polish on • Automobile Convertible Top Plastic Windows • Truck Plastic Windows • Motorcycle Windshields • Boat Plastic Windows • Flexible Windows in Canvas Covers & Sidings • Plastic Windshields • Instrument Lenses • Face Shields • Goggles and more.

Laurie Voorhees