Anti-Corrosion: ACF-50 and CORROSION BLOCK


Central Islip, NY (March 21, 2017) Nuvite Chemical Compounds, global manufacturer and distributor of appearance maintenance products continues to meet industry-specific needs, enhancing its product line with ACF-50® and CORROSION BLOCK®. Both products stop corrosion on contact and prevent further corrosion degeneration. Manufactured by Lear Chemical Research Corporation©, both products are used throughout aviation/aerospace, marine, automotive, RV and power sport vehicle industries.


ACF-50® is a state-of-the-art, an anti-corrosion lubricant compound. It. The ultra-thin, fluid formula acts as an “off-switch”, displacing moisture and other corrosive fluids, leaving a protective film that remains effective for up to 24 months. CORROSION BLOCK® kills corrosion on contact and continues to protect metal and electronics from further corrosive degeneration by leaving a hydrophobic film. CORROSION BLOCK®’s atmospheric barrier protects metal surfaces for up to 18 months.


While ACF-50® is extremely popular with U.S. Government, FAA, commercial airlines, fleet operators, and airframe manufacturers, to name a few, and CORROSION BLOCK® has a growing niche in marine and industrial settings, both are recognized as proven solutions for corrosion protection in an ever-expanding list of industries: automotive, fleet vehicles, RV’s, motorcycles, power sports, avionics systems, electronics, and more.


“Being at the forefront of innovative surfacing technology, as we have for more than sixty-five years, is only possible because of our commitment to deliver high quality, high performance, task-specific products and to support these with solid technical expertise. It is the NUVITE standard.” says Rich Nastasi, EVP, Sales & Market Development. “Partnering with companies who meet our level of commitment allows us to expand the product line and extend the benefits to our customers. Ultimately, it drives our success.”


Nuvite’s top quality product line includes compounds, polishes, sealants for bright work and paint care, cleaners for exterior and interior care, along with complementing, professional-level equipment & accessories. For more information about ACF-50® or CORROSION BLOCK®, please contact our Accounts Services team at 800.394.8351.


Nuvite Chemical Compounds is a global leader in appearance and maintenance products, manufacturing and delivering high quality products for more than 65 years to aviation/aerospace, automotive, RV, marine, power sports and rail. The Nuvite product line delivers everything you need to achieve that most coveted, sought after, “Showroom Shine”. Nuvite Chemical Compounds is a division of Universal Photonics Inc., global manufacturer and distributor of critical surfacing and polishing technology. Nuvite is supported with state-of-the-art laboratory, manufacturing and distribution facilities.