Our customer, friend and Winner of NUVITE’s Show Your Shine Sweepstakes Restores a 1966 Airstream Safari

Shares Tips and Tricks for Shine Success 

Tip #1

Rub toothpaste on the vehicle (e.g. airplane, airstream) to see if aluminum turns gray. If it does, there is no plasticoat.

Tip #2

Wash the vehicle and mask the tail and marker lights, if there is plasticoat, and apply the plasticoat stripper to the aluminum using 4″ brushes.

Tip #3 

Use NUSHINE IIF7 to polish using the shoulder zone. Plant feet firmly on the ground using the buffer at a 30 degree angle.

Tip #4

Polish with NUSHINE IIC with less angle and pressure to remove remaining surface residue.

Tip #5 

Spread NUSHINE IIS using a microfiber cloth and then with a dual-head polisher for the FINAL FINISH.

Always remember: 

  • Scaffolding is very important, ladders won’t do it.
  • Take breaks often, stay hydrated.
  • Work on a flat, solid surface, if possible.
  • Shade is a must!
  • Be patient, it’s a long process, (but WORTH IT!)
  • Headphones and a good music playlist!
Laurie Voorhees